This is a TEST. Its TEMPORARY.
You are gonna have to download my shows from W-BB for a while.

You can find all my W-BB topics from following links: v3

If you can't access W-BB try Removing OR Adding this Host File Fix:

Im sure you are wondering where is the forum. I decided do a test.
Even though I put announcement, top notes I didn't notice a different in replies to my W-BB topics and amount of downloads.
As bumps/ replies for my W-BB topics are CRITICAL for survival I am forced to test this.
After this if I notice a different I will think about what to do then.
If I don't notice a different even then, then all will be back to normal.

Find more info about this here:

I know most of you will not like this decision. But I have to do everything I can.


If you have any questions/ suggestions/ problems or you want to blame me/ scold me, this is my email. Also don't forget to mention your forum USERNAME too. (not to get back at you! just to try to fix your problem)