I need your support now more than ever!!

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Re: I need your support now more than ever!!

Post by zPro » Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:56 am

HRA v3 wrote:There are no ads anymore
You should seriously add them once more! Just one simple adfly link while hiting the login button.

I'm 1000% fine with one ad, and it'd easily make you money, very fast.

I myself, and mostly thousands of others wouldn't mine.

I'd REALLY nice if you'd upload to your own private server. Allowing us to put more trust in you, and allowing us not to be forced to download under a proxy so we can't be tracked by a third party. When buying the website, don't use a United States domain, nor United Kingdom! I'd recommend using a direct IP, or a foreign domain. (Example: .sx, .cl, .la, .me, etc...) (Maybe just HRAFiles.me for £6.49British Pound Sterling/$10.09United States Dollar with GoDaddy, or 7.99United States Dollar for Maddogdomains)

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