Anyone else having problems ........

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Anyone else having problems ........

Post by pewe »

with Clicknupload.

2 out of 3 links respond to say the file cannot be found even though it was only put up within a matter of hours - and it shows some downloads have already occurred..

Is anyone else finding this - or is it just me?

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Re: Anyone else having problems ........

Post by hellswarrior »

i've experienced some of these too, not sure whats causing it. In one incident clicking "retry" worked but only that 1 time

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Re: Anyone else having problems ........

Post by RonnieCorny »

i've been encountering that a lot lately... but if you keep "retrying" it eventually downloads the file...
on a windows/edge browser system, it shows that there's a "malicious" file... but if you retry a few times, the actual/proper file gets downloaded eventually.
but the good thing is that once the actual file starts downloading, it is reasonably fast.

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Re: Anyone else having problems ........

Post by sbubba »

The only time I get any kind of error on CNU is if I exceed whatever maximum parallel download limit they have at the time. Seems like sometimes it's 2, other times it's 3. It usually says "file not found"

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